Thousands of businesses in the U.S. and millions worldwide use the popular WordPress web content management system for its ease of use, many free features and great tools. Sites with active WordPress administrators get frequent updates for the proven plug-ins (free or low-cost software) and for the WordPress platform itself. Most administrators do not set the sites to automatically update the software and have a schedule for checking for updates that they do manually. With busy schedules and changing company priorities, some sites get forgotten and in some cases, abandoned, leaving them prone to many cybersecurity holes, according to the Mid-2016 Cybersecurity Report published by Cisco Systems in July.

Smart hackers are accessing these abandoned websites more than ever and using the websites themselves as tools for their cyber attacks. The Cisco report said that “In WordPress sites, attackers can take control of a steady stream of compromised servers to create an infrastructure that supports ransomware, bank fraud, or phishing attacks.”

Bottom Line: all websites can be hacked, regardless of platform. Here are our recommendations:

Keep yours up-to-date with regular maintenance to make them less vulnerable.
Get the latest versions of your platform and tools.
Subscribe to news updates about cybersecurity threats like these.

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