Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for IT leaders and their teams. How does the team in your business stay up to date on the latest news? First of all, you should monitor the news daily to stay informed on new data breaches and other developments. Secondly, you should follow these five resources to pinpoint the latest vulnerabilities and threats.

If you need to rely on just one platform to view the news, look no further than Twitter. No, you do not need to tweet witty company news in 140 characters. Instead, we recommend setting up an account specifically for the purpose of following credible cyber security sources.

Here are the top five that we have found to carry breaking news about cybersecurity threats:

@USCERT_gov is the Twitter feed for official website for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It is this agency’s full-time work to respond to major incidents, analyze threats, and exchange critical cybersecurity information globally.

Bruce Schneier, also a long-time security expert in business for IBM and Harvard University, keeps the IT industry notified of current events on his Schneier on Security website, Crypto-Gram Newsletter and on Twitter.

The Krebs on Security website (and on Twitter), authored by security expert Brian Krebs, former journalist of The Washington Post and book author. Read his blog for an in-depth look at cybersecurity topics facing businesses and government.

Security software company Symantec updates their content regularly in their blog and not exclusively about their own products. More news is included in their Security Center.

The Cybersecurity Digest: collects articles from all over the web daily.

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