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Brocade – The New IP

Everyone’s talking about the New IP. Why? Because this radical transformation of closed, proprietary IP networks into open, software-driven innovation platforms really is a business game-changer. By simplifying and automating network processes, the New IP encourages innovation and accelerates the speed of service delivery. It’s the ideal environment for deploying revolutionary business models that take full advantage of the mobility, cloud, social networking, and big data technologies collectively described by IDC as the Third Platform. The New IP is the network for the Third Platform. Businesses that transition to the New IP will be more competitive and more relevant to all of their user communities, and agile enough to stay that way.

Brocade NEW IP

But while the New IP term was recently coined, the concept has been ingrained in Brocade technology for many years. We made an early bet that open technology would be the architecture of choice in the 21st century, and that belief remains core to our business strategy.
Now that the industry is validating our conviction, we’d like to weigh in. Here’s how we see the New IP:
Open with a purpose—By reducing vendor lock-in, standards-based products enable choice that increases flexibility while reducing cost and complexity. These benefits help accelerate the rate of business innovation. And while we give you the freedom to choose and the flexibility to change, we also make sure that you have the same support and confidence that you’ve enjoyed from your proprietary closed solutions.
Innovation-centric and software-enabled—The software foundation of the New IP gives you programmatic control over complex tasks, tight integration with business support systems and high-value end user applications, and the freedom to develop strategic techniques for accelerating business growth. It’s an inherently agile platform that goes beyond support for today’s developments to embrace tomorrow’s innovations, while maintaining strict adherence to business and security policies.
Ecosystem-driven—Moving beyond a dependence on single-vendor limitations helps you tap into the vast pool of resources that you need to keep pace with innovation. That opens the door to best-of-breed solutions such as security software that routes network-wide traffic based on a holistic infrastructure view and real-time alerts, rather than inefficiently routing traffic through proprietary hardware. Access to such best-of-breed innovations let you build the network and add the services you want, and move faster and more efficiently than your competitors.
Enabling your-pace-your-way migration—The days of disruptive hardware rip-and-replace are over. The New IP lets you evolve based on your business priorities, whether by overlaying new software services on top of your existing IT infrastructure or evolving to an Ethernet Fabric. That means you can deploy applications as much as 90 percent faster while cutting operational expenses in half. So you take evolutionary steps, and achieve revolutionary results as you modernize your infrastructure, your IT organization, and your business.
That’s our perception of the New IP, and it aligns exceptionally well with our product offerings.
The Brocade New IP infrastructure
Implementing the New IP requires underlay and overlay infrastructures. The network underlay is the physical, wired infrastructure and associated software that forwards IP packets from one endpoint to another. For most service providers and hyper-scale enterprises with abundant programming resources, this is specialized switching equipment. For most medium to large enterprises, our underlay offering is an Ethernet fabric, which is the technology most often recommended for the New IP. In its fifth-generation, our VCS Fabric technology is the leading fabric in enterprise datacenters. It’s SDN-enabled and has native automation, which provides an ideal foundation for the New IP.
The network overlay is a software-enabled logical topology that is decoupled from the physical wired network; it’s the approach that most communications service providers and some leading-edge large enterprises are employing today. Our network overlay consists of an extensive virtual services platform that includes products for routing, load balancing, application delivery, and visibility and analytics. It also includes the first commercial edition of the OpenDaylight controller, which is the leading open source SDN controller. Our virtual router is a first, too. It’s the only virtual router and network software suite designed from inception to run on an Intel chip, instead of being ported from its original design. 
The New IP, conflict-free
Our product line and our vision for the New IP are aligned. We’re ready to help you transition to a modern, software-driven network infrastructure that supports Third Platform technologies at your pace, and on your terms.
As you evolve toward the New IP infrastructure, expect to find yourself in full control of a network that is free from traditional data center and network edge definitions. You, your customers, and your partners will be at the center of an ecosystem of resources from trusted open source communities, traditional vendors, and innovative start-ups. You’ll be able to choose where to host services based on business rules instead of vendor limits. You’ll be able to support your users and your customers with private overlay networks that offer unprecedented opportunities for customization. And the entire infrastructure will be secure. Because in the New IP, security can be built in instead of bolted on.
We believe that we’re the only vendor capable of fully supporting you on your journey to the New IP. Break the status quo. Think big. Think Brocade.

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Brocade – OpenStack

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Brocade – IP Storage Networks

Server and desktop virtualization. Big data. Analytics. Today’s IP storage applications are increasingly complex, business-critical, and high-profile. Failure is not an option. But running these bandwidth-intensive, latency sensitive applications on a shared network puts storage performance and availability at risk.
The best-practice solution for storage networking within and between data centers is (and always has been) a dedicated, fabric-based network. We know, because we cut our industry teeth pioneering innovative storage network fabrics, and we’ve been the undisputed technology leader for many years.
The network matters for IP storage
A physically separate IP storage network delivers predictable performance, provides security for storage data flows between data centers, contains failure domains, and maximizes uptime. These attributes are essential for managing growth, mitigating risk, and reducing costs. And Brocade is uniquely positioned to deliver these attributes with the industry’s first purpose-built storage connectivity portfolio for data center and disaster recovery applications.
The Brocade IP storage connectivity portfolio contains two fabric-based switches. Both offer technology and features that are optimized for IP storage. The Brocade VDX switches offer superior automation and simplicity that minimizes the learning curve and greatly reduces operational expenses. Embedded on-chip buffering designed to handle bursty storage applications delivers twice the performance of comparable solutions. The Brocade 7840 IP extension switch provides fast and secure connectivity. It also provides the equivalent of local replication performance over long distances, along with strong encryption that addresses disaster recovery requirements for IP storage between data centers.
The Brocade VDX switches and the Brocade 7840 IP extension switch share a powerful management software suite that provides unprecedented network visibility and insight across IP and Fibre Channel storage networks. Brocade Network Advisor, integrated with Brocade Fabric Vision technology, enables advanced monitoring and alerting that supports real-time analytics on fabric health and performance.
Take control
The increasing speed and reliability of IP storage devices has spurred the deployment of business-critical applications over IP storage. These applications need to be delivered quickly and managed efficiently. There is no better individual to do that than a storage administrator, and no better approach than a dedicated, fabric-based network. Our solutions remove the complexity of managing storage in an IP environment, so storage administrators can continue to create and control the dedicated, fabric-based storage networks that are a proven best practice.

Brocade IP storage

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